So you want to know more about the real Magan?

What up!?  You can call me Magan, but my friends call me Mercy
(You’ll have to hire me to find out why.)

I may have an award for “Best at Car Karaoke” – Don’t believe me, ask to add me on Snapchat.

I have four crazy ass kids, and a rescue mutt named Cookie – so when it comes to the chaos on your wedding day, I gotchuuuuu. I can wrangle, and put on Mrs. Potato Heads’ mean eyes, real quick.  This is when you meet Mercy. 😉 She don’t play.

My boyfriend and I like to eat alllll the thangs, so you can bet your ass if scallops are on the menu, that’s what I’m havin’.

I’m a craft beer snob, I love sours, and dark bourbon stouts – I’ll pay top dolla for a good beer. 

I could have a back up career in ‘Voice Acting’ for my many personalities and accents. Yeah, I have a few. 

Regardless if you’re wearing it or not, your wedding photos will be Gucci.

~ xoxo, Magan aka Mercy

So what are you waiting for?