Same Sex Engagement Session at Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Kara + Chloe, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs – Engagement Shoot

Kara contacted me about two weeks ago, asking if I was available for her and Chloe’s Michigan wedding next October 2020. I quickly checked to make sure the date was still available and responded right away. She mentioned they lived in Colorado and had a dream of doing their engagement session at this phenomenal location.

Within about two hours, I was booking their wedding, and a flight out to Colorado to make this happen.

Garden of The Gods, DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I was so in awe of all the landscapes, views, and the sheer beauty of the land I had never before laid eyes upon. I couldn’t freakin’ wait to get my camera on these two, and make some photo-magic happen.

Kara and Chloe were a blast to work with, and not to mention; hilarious. Our entire session was nothing but laughing, and making them do ridiculous things together. (Which is obviously the best part for me, hahah)

We ended up getting a little more clouds than expected and very little to no sun. But, that did not stop us from making the session incredible. Honestly, the beloved golden hour that I’m always after made absolutely no difference in the amazing images we got during the session. We shot the entire thing in about 35 minutes, as the sun set to that beautiful blue hour, then onto complete darkness.

I don’t even need to describe them anymore, their photos tell a story no words can.

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