A New Site and Brand is Coming!

I shoot to evoke emotions; raw, moody and romantic ones.

If you know me, you know I’m bold, and outspoken. I love food, and if I could get away with it I would just call my business “I’m Just Here for The Food – Photography”… I’m an old soul, with a love for “all black erry’thing“. There isn’t a single box I fit in, and after reading this

be brave, rebranding, experience, wedding photographer

It changed my whole perspective… So here goes.

I’m rebranding; New name, new site!

I’m so excited about this name change, for so many reasons! I had some major life changes, I’m sick of being ashamed and hiding that I am now a divorced Mom of four little humans. But, in the same sense I am a REAL person – so I’m just gunna keep it real with y’all.

This is part of who I am, and the fresh start that I’ve been looking for.

The experience you will get from hangin’ with me on your wedding day won’t change because my name has.. This new chapter in my life won’t affect your day, in fact I have a new outlook on what love and connections look and feel like. It gives me hope for my future! I love seeing the happy endings and the couples not afraid to show their passion for each other.

I’m not your average woman, and I’m definitely not your average photographer.

Holla’ atcha girl if you want to make some magical images with me 😉

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