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I was over the MOON ecstatic when sent me an email telling me that I would be featured on their blog with my work.  Up to 25 images from one of my sessions would be featured on their blog! WHAT!!?! I’ve been submitting to all sorts of blogs, for months and months. With no return emails. So you can imagine my surprise when they got back to me almost immediately after my submission. I was shocked, they were responding to ME! They asked for more images and a 300-word statement about how/why I shoot boudoir. It was just blowing my mind! So, I got right to work sending them more images and creating some real passionate content for their blog post. I just felt like writing what I wanted to share with them flowed so easily from my fingers as I typed out my reasoning.   When the blog was published on Friday, I may have shed a tear or two seeing my work published on something that wasn’t mine.  Please, if you have a second to go see the blog, I would absolutely love it!

They also asked my client, to share her feelings on doing Boudoir, and what she felt like afterwards. Here in her own words, is what she had to say.

“Doing boudoir is therapeutic and a way to heal and find love for yourself if you do struggle with self confidence, like most of us. What boudoir is truly about to me is embracing our individuality and “flaws”, and seeing them photographed in such a beautiful way has helped me accept the parts of myself I am self conscious about. Not only do I feel sexy after seeing Magan’s photographs, but more importantly I feel strong and confident.”  – Olivia

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